Task Force

With its strong network of individuals, with an entrepreneurial and collegial spirit, Omega implements agile and compact “task forces” for its customers, focused on a single goal: to find the most suitable piece of the Jigsaw Puzzle.

First and foremost convinced that finance is about providing innovative solutions to ensure that new projects are created, our approach is sufficiently flexible to address a wide range of issues while conserving an unshakeable structure that always involves a thorough analysis of the needs of each client.

The first stage of this process is to build a team of experts from very diverse backgrounds. Analysing existing offers, making decisions to embrace solutions that are not necessarily intuitive or designing an innovative solution: these are the possibilities offered to each of our customers. These options are always based on a strict Risk/Reward approach, accompanying the client in the implementation of the solution and, most importantly, monitoring and supervising the choices made in the first place.

We assist corporations, public authorities and non-governmental organizations in the field of solidarity and responsible economy.

We act as an advisor at the pre-financing stage to secure rounds of financing for public issues (“green bonds”, “social bonds”) or private placements (private loan, private equity).

If you share this vision…

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